Tiny Update - New Website!

So after a year of some horrible medication and taking time to get my own work organised and back in order, I am making a return to blogging/reviews.

I have also set up another blogger site as a website to act as a hub for my various creative outputs, mostly music at the moment, but art in other forms soon.
It can be found here @ https://jessicapinkproductions.blogspot.co.uk/
First mission since Scarecrow Musings redesign… finish the track by track of the monster Weatnu year one compilation, then a review of something special from Bearsuit Records Catalog.

Until next time!… Ciao!


  1. Hi Jessica! I'm glad you're still around the blogsphere. I know what you mean about a rough year or so. My past 12 months have gone by in seconds and been incredibly difficult. I was hoping to travel again, but it doesn't look likely.
    I will check out your new blog too.
    Best always,

    1. Hey you! Yeah, life likes to be crazy. Aiming to nudge it to positively crazy at moment, compensate for health stuff with good times best I can, and wish you the best at getting a path for yourself that works better than current situation.


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